Saturday, November 15, 2008

Twilight: 4 more days!

I would like to take this time to say that in just FOUR DAYS I will be going to see Twilight at midnight! I'm going with my sister and one of her friends. I am SO excited! Tonight we're going to a Twilight movie premier party at Borders. I'm very interested to see what they do at these kinds of things. I'm so obsessed, heh. I am going with one of my best friends, and it's fun to be obsessive with her. Although, I'm kinda afraid that we're going to walk in and be the only people that showed up. Hah, that would be SO embarrassing. 

So I just wanted to remind you that Twilight is coming out this Friday (11-21-08). Can you tell I'm excited? 

Also, sorry I haven't had much time to blog lately (explains why my posts have been so short). I would post some reviews, but I haven't had time to read anything. Maybe I'll post a review on The Odyssey when I'm done reading it for school. 
Have a good week!


Emily Ruth said...

you know, you don't really sound that excited deanna ;)

haha i love you girl; wish I could see it with you!

Traci said...

deanna, deanna.. goodness me.
:D love you girl!!

DeAnna said...

i couldn't think of anything else to post life is very uneventful :P if you guys have any better ideas please let me know!

Emily Ruth said...

what could be more eventful than twilight? haha

oh! post a story or something :) or post another book review, or post a list of books you want to review...

or just find something random to write about (haha did you like my random post? I thought it was incredibly inventive... the blah book. spectacular.)

DeAnna said...

i need to find some new friends that won't make fun of my obsessiveness! :P

oh and I know this is REALLY off topic, but have you heard Taylor Swift's new album? I love it!

Emily Ruth said...

yes its amazing :)
what book are you reading now? haha i'm "in school" right now... muahaha.
I miss you :(

You know whats funny? I get a kick out of the words you have to write for word verification when you are going to leave a comment on a blog... the one for yours this time is "phoze". Isn't that awesome? I think I'm going to use it from now on.