Friday, October 17, 2008

The Secret Life of Bees-movie

I went to see this movie with one of my best friends, Traci. It flew above and beyond all my expectations. The acting was spectacular. Dakota Fanning was stunning in her performance throughout the entire film. There was one scene that she did where Traci and I were both crying, it was just so good. She has completely grown as an actress. Which is pretty rare, considering most young actors don't carry their acting ability as they grow older. All of the actors were so perfect for their character, even the setting was perfect. The movie was almost completely in line with the novel, which I loved. I just ADORE this movie.

I want to go see it again! It's now one of my favorite movies. Go see it, but be prepared to do A LOT of crying!


Traci said...

Crying? Me? NOOOOOO... :D

Ok fine, maybe a little. heh.
It was a amazing movie!

Emily Ruth said...

i actually didn't cry...
wait, I almost cried at one time (when the BIG thing happened). But it was a really good movie; I haven't seen fanning act in a while. She's so pretty still!

Oh, and I saw the twilight trailer as I walked out of the cinemas :D I was like "TWILIGHT TRAILER!" and my mom and dad just looked at me funny. hmpf.

DeAnna said...

i would have screamed...don't feel bad!